Gold Thread Lift

Gold Thread medical technology is a skin rejuvenation technique that involves implantation of the thin gold filament into the skin. Gold is the only material in nature that is not rejected by human skin and therefore can be safely left in place to provide long lasting face lifting and skin rejuvenating effects.

The fine gold mesh provides an immediate support for sagging skin. After being introduced into the skin, gold stimulates increased production of the collagen in response to the presence of the foreign substance. Collagen sleeves are formed along the implanted wires. New tissue formation stimulates and increases metabolism.

At Medical Aesthetics @ Camden, Dr Yvonne Goh performs an improved version of the Gold Thread Lift, which is much lesser invasive and more effective. She uses gold filament and needle much smaller than those previously used. This gives rise to a minimally invasive procedure which is comfortable, results in none or minimal downtime and does not require injectable anesthesia, only numbing cream. The rejuvenating effects of the Gold Thread Lift can last 5-8 years, sometimes longer.

Blood flow to the treated areas, which results in skin rejuvenation. Results are noticeable 1-2 months after the treatment and optimal results usually are achieved in 6 months post-procedure. And it continues to improve thereafter, giving a gradual, more natural result. Patients tend to look naturally radiant and well-rested rather than that they had treatment.


Gold Thread Lift is a simple procedure with low downtime and has tremendous rejuvenating effects which are long-lasting and cost-effective. Patients benefit from the lifting effects, improvement in skin texture, clarity and reduction in pigmentation disorders, including melasma.


The rejuvenating effects of skin reinforcement with gold surgical threads are due to the promotion of local microcirculation, the activation of repair processes and the stimulation of collagen production.

Initial results can be seen in 1-2 months to peak and will last for years. The skin tone and texture improves, resulting in skin refinement. Acne scars and wrinkles appear less pronounce. There is better skin elasticity, texture and colour due to an enhancement in blood supply, as well as greater collagen and elastin synthesis. Fine wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles smoothen out.


Gold thread Lift can be applied to the face, neck, hand, abdomen, upper arm, décolleté, thighs, stretch marks (post-childbirth), and cellulite-prone areas (thigh & buttocks).


The area for insertion is marked out into grids. The area is then sterilized and anaesthetized with numbing cream. The threads are then systematically inserted into each of the grid lines into the skin. Once the procedure is completed, the insertion points are taped to maintain sterility. The whole procedure will take 30mins to an hour.


Although gold is known to last forever, once inside the skin, it degrades a little over the years. A touchup can be administered at any point whenever the patient wants a booster.

ReFirme and Matrix IR laser tightening can also be continued after the procedure to enhance and prolong the rejuvenating effects.


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