Gentle Cleansing Lotion

This non-foaming cleanser has been formulated from the gentlest cleansing agents and is effective without stripping the skin. It is great for dry, sensitive skin, as a makeup remover or post-procedure.

Gentle Oxidant Cleanser

A gentle foaming cleanser specially formulated to remove oil and environmental grime from your skin without upsetting the skin's natural pH. It contains Aloe vera, Rosemary and Sage extracts that calms and refreshes your skin leaving your skin smooth, supple and radiant. Ideal for all skin types and can be used day & night.

AHA/BHA Deep Cleanser

Prevent and heal existing acne with our exfoliating and deep cleansing wash formulated with acne-fighting Salicylic Acid and Glycolic acid. Contains Aloe Vera and Lavender extract, natural ingredients that calm and soothe acne inflamed skin. Suitable for oily, combination skin types.